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Gabby & Art

"We'll build this love from the ground up..." Listening to this song as I edit this gallery was fitting for these lovely, faith filled, newlyweds. Gabby & Art recently celebrated one year of marriage, and you can just feel their love and joy shining through in their photos!

The excitement of this beautiful girl in planning this session was contagious! From texting me photos so we could coordinate her outfit from the Client Wardrobe, and her husbands outfit, to hearing about their relationship through the planning questionnaire, I could just hear the smile in her words. The sweetest thing about this couple, was that not only was Gabby excited about the photos, but Art was as well, because he knew how much it meant to his lovely wife. The prompts and poses I had planned were barely consulted, as these two were naturals in front of the camera. They walked around, talking, giving each other little kisses, having little moments, and all I had to do was trail behind them and let them be themselves <3 There have been multiple urban sessions lately as Michigan decides what it wants to do with the weather, but each session has had it's own unique vibe, and I love how different they all are! I hope you enjoy this glimpse of the golden hour sunset session, overlooking downtown Detroit. Gabby is pictured in another addition to the Urban collection, the Marilyn gown. This black sequin show stopper is a size 12, but can be adjusted to fit down to a size 2.

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