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Fresh 48 + Newborn + Nursing Sessions

Fresh 48 sessions are designed to be done in the hospital/home setting within the first few hours of giving birth. They capture the raw emotion that you feel after bringing new life into the world.


That tiny little bundle of joy will start growing so very quickly, and you will look back at these photos and hardly be able to believe that your child was ever that small!

Lifestyle Newborn You made it home, and through the first few days and weeks of being parents to a new precious child! Newborn photos are the perfect way to remember the exhausted blur that is the first few months of your baby's life.


Whether in studio, or in your home or nursery that you so lovingly and painstakingly planned every little detail of, they are a way to commemorate the love that you have for your little one. The details that you study over and over, promising yourself you will never forget, the way that their little finger holds onto yours, the sweetest little yawn, how tiny their toes are, all of these things we hold onto in our hearts, you can also relive every time you see your newborn photos. 

Nursing For mamas who want to honor how they feed their babies, whether through nursing, pumping, or bottle feeding, these special sessions provide images that will make you feel empowered with what worked best for you and your child!

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