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What does it look like to work with me? Well, first off I like to make sure that you have had a thorough chance to look at my work, the pricing and packages, so that way you can be sure that you love what you see and my style!

Then we'll chat about your vision, what it is that you're hoping for, whether it's a dreamy sunset session in nature with all the boho vibes, or a chic urban setting and maybe a little bit of glamour, together we'll start to plan your dream session. 

Once we finalize dates, times, and locations, you'll get a contract to make sure all the details are correct, and once it's signed, and the retainer paid, the next part of the planning starts!

As part of my client experience, you will have the option of both a wardrobe consultation, where I can give you my professional advice on outfits, and you can either show me what you have, what you're hoping for, or I can help you find items within your budget. The unique thing that I like to offer my clients, is the client wardrobe. As part of your package, you can pick pieces from the client wardrobe to help you achieve the look you're going for, without having to pay for new clothes yourself. I am continuously adding to my CW, so my website is almost never completely up to date with all the pieces, so make sure you reach out to me if you're interested in seeing if there's anything waiting in the wings to be added!

There will be a questionnaire that I ask each client to complete prior to our session. It not only helps me get to know you better, so that I can more thoroughly capture you and your loved ones, but, it also can help you get in the right frame of mind for your photos. You can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with, it's completely confidential, but it is a wonderful way to help me connect with you.

The day of our session, I'll be sure to send reminders, and to check in if we see weather may not be as cooperative as we hoped (We do live in Michigan, what can I say?) and then we finally get to meet up! During our session, I like to start with what I call, the framed photos, the more posed sets that I always make sure I include in each gallery. As you warm up and get more comfortable in front of the camera, I like to give more prompts, and eventually at times just tell you to talk, or dance, or share a special memory, while I get some of the more intimate candid photos. I never push anyone outside of their comfort zone tooooo much, I have a light touch with reluctant dads/teens, and I NEVER push scared or upset children. If children are having a hard time, we take a breather, and let everyone relax.


My ultimate goal for our session, is for you to be relaxed. Relaxed about the clothes choices that we made in advance so you don't have to be frantically pulling something together the day of. Relaxed about the way the session goes, so you never have to worry about a grumpy person, a toddler tantrum, or a child meltdown. I'm a mother, I appreciate the stress you can be under to make sure everyone stays clean and smiles, so, my job is to make you see the joy that we are capturing together. 

If this all sounds like what you're looking for, then let's talk. 

Family photo with kids running
New Client

Interested in planning your own dream session? Let's get started!

Styled engagement shoot with red formal dress
Client Wardrobe

Want the stunning effect that the perfect outfit can make, without the expense? Check out our exclusive Client Wardrobe. A special feature for our clients in creating your ideal photo experience!

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