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Extended Family Gallery

Family Photos, beyond the typical nuclear family, is not what comes to mind when we think of "family pictures" but can be just as important! Gathering family together and celebrating all that family is what I love to do. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, children, the whole, big, beautiful, chaotic, mess!


It can be a great way to celebrate when all your family is gathered, or an excuse to get them all together!

My grandparents, next to my parents, were the biggest role models, and influence in my life. The photos I have with them mean so much to me. I want my children to be able to treasure the photos of themselves with their grandparents, forever.


Grandparents are also notoriously hard to find gifts for. What better gift than the gift of memories of them with the people they love most? Contact me for more info on setting up your extended family session!

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