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Autumn Family Session

I felt all the autumn vibes at this sunset September session! From the warm colors of the beautiful mother and daughter dresses, to that hazy sunset, with just a little bit of that crisp feeling in the air, it was a perfect evening. Prior to this session, Lily and I had spoken that it was going to be really close to the girls bedtimes, so we wanted to try to move as fast as possible, because she wasn't sure how long their moods would last. I know fellow moms get that! We didn't rush, but I tried to keep that in mind and work as efficiently as possible, and we managed to finish in about 30 minutes. Often, I think people underestimate how many beautiful photos you can get in a matter of minutes. Those of you who have booked a mini session coming up here, will soon see what I mean! In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful family session!

Mom's dress, and little girl's dress are both new additions to the client wardrobe and available for use.

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