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Rachel's Mommy + Me

What better way to really start back into photography, after having my 5th baby, than with a Mommy + Me session? This was a magical session that made me think of The Secret Garden, and transported us away to a place where time stood still for a few moments. One of my favorite moments, was when the little man took a tumble (wait, there's a reason, I'm not heartless). You can see she got distracted mid photo, then went to comfort him, and kiss his boo-boo, and made him laugh. It's something she must do several times a day, I know most mothers are nodding and agreeing right now! A moment that you take for granted will be a part of your daily routine.... until all of a sudden, it isn't. They don't fall down anymore. Your kisses don't fix what make them cry. Having this tableau captured for her to look back on for years to come, brings such joy to my heart.

There can never be too many photos of a mama with her babies, whether they're little, or big, Mama, get in the picture.

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