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Amanda & Dom

When you've been married for 19 years, and have 5 children together, you may not think of having photos done of just the two of you. Our practical side says that if we're going to do photos, we should do family ones. This whole experience though, was one of connecting, and remembering for Amanda & Dom. They filled out a detailed questionnaire, so that they could tell me about their story, their relationship, their friendship. When you're a parent it can be difficult to snap out of the day to day, "what do the kids need?" and actually focus on your relationship with your spouse. It can be hard to do that with ONE child, let alone FIVE, some with special health needs! When they took the time to answer questions about their relationship though, it provided that space to step back from the day to day needs, and take a moment for THEM.

I loved seeing Amanda's rising joy and excitement as together we planned their session. After spending time finding the perfect dresses from the Client wardrobe, helping coordinate her husband's outfit, and finalizing accessory details, I also was able to get a better sense of Amanda's style and what she liked.

When it came time for their session, they arrived kid free, and ready to have some fun together! My goal was to show their connection. That part of your relationship that is beyond words. Their shared faith, their friendship, their silent strength through hardships endured, the strength of a love that has carried them through almost 20 years of marriage. The way that through all of this, they still choose joy, and each other.

I hope you enjoy the beauty of this couple, as much as I have.

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