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Boho Sand Dunes Session

A while ago I started envisioning a boho sand dunes photo session, at sunset.

I slowly started putting the pieces together, lining up the models (also known as my cousins, and therefore obligated by a familial sense of duty to help their poor pregnant cousin!) piecing together the outfits, lining up a sitter, and planning the 4 hour trip, with my 3 children in tow.

I was pretty nervous about the session. It's only been in the last month that I started planning stylized photo sessions, and I hadn't planned one with this many people yet, and especially it being all girls. When it's families or couples, it's easy to go through prompts and poses that are natural, but when you have 6 girls, how do I pose them??? I was a ball of nervous energy when I arrived at our session.

These gorgeous girls showed up with a cooler full of beer, the best of attitudes, and were excited for an evening of hanging out on the dunes and having their photos taken!

All outfits are part of the Boho Collection of my client wardrobe, and are not only very flexible on sizing, but flattering for all body types! The accessories such as belts are just a couple examples of the different styles that I have, and can be mixed, matched, or left off if it's not what you want!

Leah wore the Vanita in Marigold by Joyfolie. It has a tiered, full skirt, 3/4 length sleeves, and the belt is optional.

Jolene wore the Josephine in Cream with an optional belt. This dress has a sheer overlay of delicate tulle and lace, with a very full underskirt.

Hanna wore the Saffron skirt that comes with a matching sash, Saffron is very full and has a sheer overlay that adds gorgeous effects to photos when it catches the wind! Her top is the Everly top in Winter White by Chicaboo. There are four different tops that can be matched with this skirt, from white to cream, solid or with lace, with or without the off the shoulder ruffle.

Keeli is wearing the Kathleen duster, it's a olive green with floral pattern, it has an internal tie that is optional and can be paired with a wide variety of clothing types. For this, I had Keeli wear a simple white top and jeans.

Holly is wearing the Daisy gown, it's a sweet and simple gown with elastic waist, v- neck, and ruffle sleeves

Keeli is pictured here with her second outfit of the night, the Aria skirt that is the same style as Saffron, but in a pale pink. Her top is the Clover in white, it's a crop top with a v-neck and made from a light, stretchy material.

Amber is wearing the Poppy by Chicaboo. This beautiful ivory dress has lace detail, an empire waisted tie, and is a specially designed dress to work with both maternity, and non-maternity clients! You can see this dress used in a beautiful Mommy & Me session to see how flattering it is however it is used!

Almost all of the jewelry you see the models wearing, is made by Wandering Waters Designs, which is incidentally owned by Holly!

The rings, bracelets, and some earrings were designed and made by Wandering Waters Designs, so be sure to check her out!

There are also a few hats in the client wardrobe if that is something that you want added to your session!

We of course had to go for a more serious look for one of the photos, and these ladies nailed it!

This however is a much more accurate representation of how it actually went!

These outfits are all selected by me, to be able to mix and match for your friends or family photos!

They also are stunning as solo pieces, and really show how important it is to pick the perfect outfit for your photos.

I made them climb all over the dunes

And I was really grateful that I have such a wide variety of lens' in my arsenal, so I could stand on the dune across from them and catch this photo, though it was probably pretty humorous with me bellowing across the way what I wanted them to do!

Don't worry, I gave the sweet little mama a break! I tried not to over work her too much <3

Experimenting with the sunset was a lot of fun,

...and I even got to try one of my newest little gadgets for a different look!

Playing around with the sand, Holly and I took about 30 pictures, but we got a couple of good ones with this ;)

Letting my troubles go in the wind like....

Some more of that gorgeous Wandering Waters jewelry.

We are so blessed, not only are we all cousins, but we're pretty good friends too ;)

They're the reason why I secretly hold out hope that I'll end up with a redheaded child someday!

It's so freeing to be wearing beautiful, flowy dresses, with full skirts that can twirl, and being barefoot in the sand.

We were winding down here, as the sun was getting closer to setting, but we still got a few more as that golden hour glow really came out

These kinds of detail shots are some of my favorites

Matching bridesmaid bracelets that Holly made for Amber's wedding last year <3

We had to get a picture of these beautiful sisters, the new mama and proud aunt!

These beautiful ladies did such an amazing job modeling, a huge thank you to them for giving up a Friday night to come and help me out!

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