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Family Session in Downtown Detroit

Each photographer must find their own niche, their own specialty, what they find joy in capturing. I feel like I have found that joy in photographing families, and I have a special place in my heart for "big" families! I put "big" in quotations because we all have our own definition of what can fit that ;) I come from a family of 5, and I have 4 children of my own. I know the challenges families face when planning a session, the level of positive incentives used, the stress of how the kids will act, of finding outfits for everyone, and I also know that if you are stressed when having your photos taken, then that impacts how you view them forever. Part of what I love doing is making it as fun as possible for everyone so they can look back at the photos with happiness, and not frustration. This family was so much fun! The kids have such a strong connection with each other, and you can see that in the special sibling combo photos they requested of the different sibling pairings that share a special bond. Their personalities were fun and infectious, and I love how that comes across in these photos! Their parents were so relaxed, and had fun not only with each other, but with their children, so it made it a breeze to photograph their family connection. If you want to make beautiful memories like this with your family, reach out to me, I'd love to help you plan your own session!

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1 Comment

Michelle Power
Michelle Power
Apr 01, 2021

These pictures are awesome!! Personality just oozes out of these pictures! Nice work!

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