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Maternity Photos for Dumpling

For each baby we don't announce the name, or sometimes don't come up with a name, until baby is born. So each baby gets a nickname in utero, and this little guy, was named "Dumpling" by Bella :)

I have to admit, I was not planning on doing maternity photos this time around. to be honest, I haven't had a full on maternity session with any of the kids!

With Bella, I remember my mom took photos of me in my backyard, and RJ came out and joined in for a few.

My sweet little Theo didn't get much because we were moving, renovating a house, starting 2 new jobs, and had an 8month old <3

Jamie got a couple of self-portrait maternity photos, because I had JUST gotten my camera, and was playing around with it in the last couple weeks before he was born. But it was just me, not the kids and RJ.

Bella asked me a couple weeks ago if I was going to do pictures for Dumpling, and I had told her no, and she got sad and told me that Dumpling needed photos. This girl has the biggest and most tender heart of anyone I know. Don't worry about her being with all the boys, she mothers them, spoils them, and dotes on them, even before they are born!

I realized that the reason why I wasn't planning on photos, was the exact reason I always told everyone was NOT a good reason to avoid pictures, I simply wasn't thrilled with how I was looking. Early in this pregnancy I had grand plans for a very stylish maternity session, and then Covid, quarantine, stress eating, and lack of exercise happened, haha!

After realizing that I was being too self conscious, and that my hesitancy wasn't based on anything substantial, I decided to push through my own insecurities and embrace the fact that I am beyond blessed to be carrying my fourth child.

RJ and I had always said we wanted a big family, and thankfully, God is answering that prayer, and strengthening that desire in us. This pregnancy has actually been remarkably easy, and I wanted to celebrate what my body was doing, yet again <3

I thought that it was indeed appropriate to document our new little life, and a good excuse to get a nice family photo as well.

Plus, I had been avoiding pictures a lot lately, and I wanted to get a couple of my children and I. I can't get over how well this one in particular turned out! I love each of their smiles so much!!

It was a bit of a challenge doing these ourself, I was bummed that I missed focus on this one, but I do love the connection in the photo.

RJ was the photographer for most of this session though! He got so many beautiful photos, and it's fun for me to share my passion with him, walking him through how to use my camera, and watching him get creative.

For those who follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you might have seen my planning process for these outfits! If you missed it, it's in my Highlight's, and it details how I go about choosing outfits for each person, the coordinating of the colors and patterns, etc.

In case you were wondering, even though I had planned everything out days in advance, we were still scrambling to complete outfits before we headed out the door.

Apparently, my dear husband does not own a pair of khaki pants that aren't lined in flannel, and since it's August, I didn't want to put him through wearing them, just for the vision I had. So we found gray pants, switched up the shirt, scrambled for shoes that weren't packed away in storage, and came up with a pretty cohesive look despite that last minute hurdle.

Not all of the shots I had envisioned turned out, you can see in my stories how poor RJ kept trying to get James to put his hands on my belly, and James was just NOT having it, at all.

And then on the flip side, my little Theo, who normally gives goofy looks and was not happy at all about the idea of photos, cooperated so well and I got some very sweet photos with my boy.

So why do I share all of this? The insecurities, what we have experienced in the past with maternity photos and our children, the planning, the fails at planning, the photos that did and didn't work?

Because I hope you will see the beauty in these photos.

The joy that comes through despite allllll of the obstacles that present themselves, whether real (no khaki pants), or mental obstacles.

If this is you, and you know that you want to do family photos, and update those photos in frames that are years old, I want to help walk you through that whole process. I understand from both the mom side, and the photographers side, what you will encounter and ways to help make it as smooth as possible, and I will help you with each step of the planning. If you just want to start chatting about what that looks like, with no pressure, message me!

The memories you will preserve, are priceless.

*Mother's dress and daughter's dress from the client wardrobe

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