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Mommy & Me

Autumn photos are some of my favorites. As I write this, I realize I say everything is one of my favorites,'s true. I love pictures. I love photographing people. Whether it's watching the love a mother has for her child, and that child's wildness, and excitement, the connection between a husband and wife, the care in a grandparent's eye, it brings me joy to witness it, and it is an honor to try to tell a small part of their story through my photography. Anyways, I know I often sound like a broken record to people in regards to how much I love and value photos, but it's because it's true.

So, when I was at the park with my kids and their cousins, and I saw my sister playing with her daughter, I had to take a few pictures. This was a rather impromptu 15 minute session while I juggled my kids and adorable nephew as well. There were kids running through the shot seconds before and after most of these pictures, and a decent amount of them running through the photo, haha! As the holidays approach and you struggle with what to gift people, consider a photo session! Contact me to find the perfect package for your loved one, and I would love to help you with a meaningful, and timeless gift.

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