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Outdoor Newborn Session

I personally love that there has been more of a movement to have newborn sessions outside, this one was so beautiful! Granted, outdoor newborn sessions in Michigan have a very limited time frame of the year that we can safely accomplish them. This family though braved hordes of mosquitos, the summer humidity, and even went with a sunset session, though that tends to be late here in the peak of summer. Nothing beats that golden hour lighting. You can just see the softness in the light, the warmth, the beautiful golden tones.

It's so sad because as a mother, I know the thought of anything throwing off my kids bedtimes makes me cringe, and my instant reaction is "NO! Nothing can interfere with bedtime routine!" And yet also, as a photographer, I know that only dawn, or sunset gives this lighting, and no other time of day comes close.

When you make a decision about the timing of your session, it's good to look at examples of what other types of sessions look like at that time of day. Sometimes, the more harsh daytime lighting can be fun to give a different feel to photos, and sometimes you plan everything, and then cloud coverage makes it a moot point. The important thing, is to know that the ambiance of your photos is a more flexible part of your session, and to not have your heart set on specific lighting. At least, here in the midwest where the weather turns on a dime, that is true. Enjoy this beautiful golden hour session, with this lovely family!

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