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Rustic Family Session

The winners of the giveaway I recently hosted had their photo session! After having a planning meeting with Lindsey, and getting to understand her vision of what she hoped for their family photos, I feel we were really able to achieve that hope! Initially planning on using their own wardrobe, Lindsey allowed me to choose items from the client wardrobe based on the initial outfit she was drawn to for herself. She chose the lovely Aria skirt paired with the Everly top, we then chose the Catrin dress in a size 2 for the littlest, and when the Janira dress didn't work out with the oldest girl, we made a last minute switch so she matched her sister in the Catrin in a size 14! The little boys wore neutral white tops from the slowly growing boys section of the wardrobe, and used their own shorts.

The session they won was the 45 minute Moment package, and we were able to get all the different family combinations, only some of which are featured here on the blog. For people who wonder the difference between the timing of the packages, this one is ideal for getting all of the posed photos you need. Because I keep things flowing at a good rate so that way the kids stay interested and don't get too distracted, there aren't as many of the candid moments necessarily. When there is a longer session, people often think that the kids will lose their patience, but I never force kids to do photos when they're "done". Instead, by relaxing and letting the family naturally interact, the smaller, more genuine moments come through in that extra time. We also have more time for the more artistic set ups that may take a longer time to get into each pose. Altogether, everything came together beautifully! Lindsey was so kind and left this lovely review as well! "Our experience with our photo shoot was so relaxing, smooth to transition from each photo taken which had a lot of moving parts, especially with our kiddos. She knew exactly what to say to get the best smiles, and her eye for lighting is phenomenal. We will certainly use her again for future photos."

If you'd like to learn more about planning your own family session, fill out the intake form! I'd love to chat with you, there's never any pressure from me, so don't let that stop you from getting your questions answered!

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